NBAA GO – Virtual IOC2020

From regional reviews to customs updates, the 2020 NBAA International Operators Conference (IOC2020) virtual sessions are the best opportunity to stay up-to-date on the critical information you need to do your job as safely and securely as possible. Learn how to avoid roadblocks as you plan travel around the world and hear critical updates from industry experts on avionics, security, North Atlantic airspace, ICAO, contingency procedures and more.

Sessions will kick-off with a free live keynote presentation on Thursday, April 30 at 11:00 a.m. EDT and new offerings will be released weekly through the end of July. Live sessions will be recorded and available on-demand within 24 hours.

Virtual IOC2020 Session Schedule

11 a.m. EDT with a Live Q&A following each session

April 30 Week 1: IOC2020 Opening Keynote: Bill Dolny, CEO, MedAire – FREE!
Industry Update & Virtual IOC Overview
May 7 Week 2: Regional Review 1 – Europe
May 14 Week 3: Regional Review 2 – Caribbean/Mexico/Cuba
May 21 Week 4: Live Session: Effective Communications and Mental Wellbeing
May 28 Week 5: Regional Review 3 – China/Russia/”Stans”
June 4 Week 6: Regional Review 4 – India/Middle East
June 18 Week 7: Live Session: Flight Planning Best Practices
June 25 Week 8: Regional Review 5 – Africa
July 2 Week 9: Regional Review 6 – SE Asia/Pacific
July 9 Week 10: Live session: International Regulatory Update
July 16 Week 11: Regional Review 7 – NAT/NAM
July 23 Week 12: Regional Review 8 – South America/Brazil
July 30 Week 13: Live Session: Avionics Update
IOC Wrap-up and NBAA-BACE Preview

NOTE: Dates above are Thursdays. New content will be available on the designated day at 11 a.m. EDT with interactive Q&A with subject matter experts following the session.

Registration Fees

Virtual IOC2020

  • 1 session: $45
  • 12 sessions (entire conference): $335

Entire NBAA GO Package Fee

Includes all sessions from SDC, IOC or the Maintenance Conference

  • 39 sessions: $950


Includes ten sessions from SDC, IOC or the Maintenance Conference

  • 10 sessions: $315 (use code NBAAGOPick10 during check-out)

For More Information

Please contact with any questions.