Leadership today has evolved from the “do as I say!” Captainitis-authoritarian style to a more flexible people-, company- and stakeholder-focused approach. Toxic behaviors, petty conflicts, and hidden agendas have no place in today’s competitive business aviation environment. Every team member brings their own unique set of characteristics to the department; and the responsibilities to maximize one’s potential, job satisfaction and safety procedures have evolved to encompass both the leader and the team member. The leader sees the view from the balcony, directing and orchestrating the team to adhere to safety standards, exceptional customer service and collaboration for the benefit of all.

This PDP course will help you capitalize on group dynamics, maximize performance, assess the ethics of actions, learn to be a better mentor and communicate more clearly.

About the Presenter

Dr. Shari L. Frisinger

Shari Frisinger

For decades, Dr. Shari Frisinger has addressed issues and challenges in the business aviation industry, working with leaders and their teams to ensure that they are performing at their peak despite differing views, miscommunications, and misinterpretations.

Dr. Frisinger’s research and practical applications include the root causes of defensive behaviors, communication styles, resilient leadership, and social and emotional intelligence. She helps you “maintain your composure when you really want to strangle someone.”

In short, she works with leaders who want to minimize and capitalize on conflict, create and maintain a more resilient and safer culture, and attain a higher-performing level of safety and satisfaction. Her seminars and programs – based on her ERAU Masters and UC Doctorate degrees – are real-world and perhaps a bit counterintuitive, yet can reveal the root causes of many leader challenges.

Online PDP Course Fee: $685

Registration includes online access to discussion questions, course assignments and additional resources,

Successful participants will receive a PDP certificate upon course completion and may earn three credits towards a Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) application or two credits toward CAM recertification.