NBAA’s Safety Manager Certificate Program is an assessment-based certificate program, intended to provide introductory-level training, measure candidate knowledge and recognize successful participants in six key areas of safety management. The primary objective of this new certificate program is to assist flight department personnel who have been assigned safety management responsibilities, typically as an ancillary duty, so they are prepared to effectively manage a business aviation organization’s safety management efforts, including SMS.

Intended Audience

This introductory level training program is not intended to create deep expertise in every domain. Rather, it is to establish a baseline knowledge, identify resources safety managers can rely upon as references, and instill a desire for more advanced learning in the areas of safety management in the years to come.

How It Works

This asynchronous certificate program will be offered on-demand starting in 2023. The program consists of asynchronous learning modules, independent self-study reading reference material, knowledge checks, and continued interaction via the course LinkedIn group. Registrants will have a six-month window to complete the course.

To earn their Safety Manager Certificate, candidates will take an examination to determine whether they meet the established criteria as defined by the program’s specifications (e.g., the knowledge or skill associated with competence to practice in the role of safety manager).

Course Components

Each of the six asynchronous learning modules will cover one program domain objective at an introductory level.

Quizzes embedded into NBAA’s learning management system (LMS) will be used to assess a candidate’s understanding of the content.

Reference materials will be provided to participants for independent reading in support of each domain’s objectives and responsibilities.

Course participants will be able to submit their safety questions and scenarios anonymously and receive feedback on several platforms. Course participants will receive access to a LinkedIn group and quarterly webinars to interact with subject matter experts and fellow colleagues.

The final examination is a standardized instrument to assess the candidate’s knowledge and skills for each program objective. Candidates must pass the exam, scoring at least 85% or higher, to receive a Safety Manager Certificate.