July 3, 2019

A global industry with infinite career opportunities – that’s business aviation.

To get that message out to students, parents and teachers, NBAA has created “A Career Guide to Business Aviation,” as the latest addition to NBAA’s suite of student resources available on the association’s website.

“The materials – from the four-minute video on business aviation’s dynamic careers that debuted at NBAA’s convention, to the student edition of the Business Aviation Insider – are available there for everyone from individual members to regional groups who talk to outside groups and students about business aviation’s opportunities,” said Jo Damato, CAM, NBAA’s vice president of educational strategy and workforce development.

View NBAA’s student resources.

The new resource, Damato said, “is a nice calling card business aviators can distribute at their presentations,” adding that it benefits not only students, but also their parents and guidance counselors whose knowledge of aviation careers might not extend past military and airline pilots and mechanics.

“We want them to have a good understanding of the wide spectrum of business aviation careers and their opportunities,” she added.

A graphic titled “Global Industry, Infinite Opportunities” succinctly defines this spectrum: It ranges from cabin attendant, scheduler/dispatcher, business manager, pilot and maintenance technician to marketer, engineer/designer, airport manager, lawyer and drone operator. Inside, the brochure notes the future workforce requirements from some of these fields and the median salaries of many of them. On the adjoining panel, a diverse group of young professionals offers testimonials about their chosen business aviation careers.

To help them get started, the brochure acknowledges, “some aviation roles require specialized training,” but that “the time and financial commitments vary by position.” A table presents the entry-level requirements for pilots, maintenance technicians and dispatchers. The pamphlet also includes ways to minimize the cost of an aviation education, and directs students, parents, and guidance counselors to learn more about NBAA’s scholarship program.

“We want students to see themselves in a business aviation career,” Damato said.