March 17, 2021

As everyone knows, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended a host of considerations for the business aviation workforce, including when it comes to hiring, compensation and other benefits.

What do you expect in the months to come, and what do you want HR decision-makers to know about your unique value proposition? If you’re an HR professional, what would you like to know – beyond your own intuition – about what’s needed for competitive hiring and compensation?

NBAA’s annual compensation survey always provides insightful guidance for employees and employers, but during the pandemic, it’s particularly valuable. For example, data from the 2020 survey shows that furloughs were more commonly used than layoffs to curtail costs during the pandemic, and of those impacted by workforce reductions, pilots felt the greatest impact.

A recent NBAA News Hour webinar exploring the trends identified in the report illustrated the survey’s value. Access to the webinar is free to NBAA members.

With its 2021 Compensation Survey, NBAA once again asks for your feedback: with your front-line input, we can highlight all the most important data on aviation department makeup, key benefits, policies and compensation packages, including professionals in your position. Provide your perspectives, so NBAA can make your voice heard.

Feedback for the survey – always anonymous – is needed by April 23. Top-line findings will be reported out in June, and full results will be published in September.

Participation in the survey, and access to the audited results, is limited to NBAA members, and only those who participate in the survey will get access to the results for free. Members who do not participate can purchase the results once published.

“If you want decision-makers to fully understand your market value – compensation, bonusing and other considerations – NBAA’s survey is an opportunity for you to weigh in on these considerations,” said Jo Damato, CAM, NBAA vice president, educational strategy and workforce development. “If you are that decision-maker, this is your go-to resource.”

The NBAA Compensation Survey, administered by BDO USA, provides flight departments and other operators valuable intelligence to determine the best recruitment and retention strategies as a tool to stay competitive when staffing all positions. Data collected from participating members includes deep dives into annual cash compensation, including base salary, overtime and annual incentives, salary ranges, merit increases, long-term incentives, duty/flight hours and weekend/RON days.

NBAA member representatives may register now to download the survey questionnaire or obtain more information about the survey by emailing or calling 202-783-9250.

Learn more about the survey and register to participate.