Flight Technician/Engineer
AbbVie Pharmaceutical

Anderson’s willingness to forge his own path has led him to become a top flight technician for AbbVie Pharmaceutical. “I thought there was only commercial or general aviation,” said Anderson. “Once I got that little taste of business aviation, I knew that this is where I belong.” Anderson is committed to professional development. He serves on the NBAA Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Committee and is pursuing a master’s degree in Aviation Administration at Purdue University. “There are so many possibilities in business aviation. It really challenges people to go beyond the expectations and do something different and unique.”


Aircraft Technician
Marathon Petroleum Company

A lifelong aviation enthusiast, Berg jumped at the chance to participate in Toledo Public Schools’ Aviation Technician Program, which splits students’ days between traditional coursework and A&P training. A month after graduating, he had a job lined up in Hawaii. Now back in his native Ohio, Berg enjoys sharing his passion for aviation, participating in the local flying club and offering guidance to young people in his company’s internship program. “I love getting to be around airplanes all day,” he said. “I would recommend that anyone interested in a good career spend time at the airport and see if they feel the same way.”.


Sales & Business Development
Innotech-Execaire Aviation

Brown sees the 30,000-foot view. A background that includes stints in flying, maintenance, avionics, engineering and regulatory compliance has given the Toronto-based renaissance man a comprehensive outlook on the industry – an invaluable trait for meeting his customers’ diverse aviation needs. “Putting all those different pieces together to provide a solution uniquely fitting that operator’s mission profile is such a satisfying challenge,” he said. Brown is equally passionate about his role as Ontario VP for Outreach with the Canadian Business Aviation Association Young Talent Initiative. “It’s so important to show these kids what a fun, interesting career path it can be.”


National Director of Sales
Wing Aviation

For Case, the appeal of business aviation is simple: it’s the people. “Entering with an arts and customer service background, I’ve found business aviation really fosters those personality traits,” she said. “It lets you engage your creative side while working with all different types of cultures, businesses and people.” In both her career and volunteer work, putting people first has made all the difference. Besides being involved in business aviation, Case works with Vita-Living, a Houston-area housing program for adults with intellectual disabilities. “If you create meaningful relationships and add value to people’s lives, you can thrive,” she said.


Genuine Parts Company

A go-getter with an endless motor and bottomless reserves of goodwill, Columbia loves to share his affection for aviation. “I love flying, love serving people and helping our organization by physically controlling the plane, but mentoring is my true passion,” he said. Although the son of two airline pilot parents, Columbia chose business aviation. He likes being part of close-knit teams while also performing auxiliary tasks like converting company manuals into a cloud-based electronic format. “So often, young aviators miss out on business aviation,” he said. “It’s great to show people that there are 1,000 ways to get to the top of the mountain.”


President & CEO
FunD Av Consulting

As business aviation looks to bolster its future workforce, Costabile is rolling up her sleeves and taking action. “There are literally a million and a half jobs across this industry,” she said. “I want to help provide a quality and diverse pipeline of talent to fill those needs, now and in the future.” Her expertise in large-scale fundraising – driven through her company FunD Av Consulting, which takes on high-profile projects like the D-Day 75th anniversary aircraft journey – has given Costabile a platform to reach today’s young people through speaking engagements and opportunities to get hands-on with aircraft. Her message to them is clear: “Business aviation will take you to new horizons.”


Assistant Chief Pilot
Cox Enterprises, Inc.

Crispell found his career through a high school internship. His senior year was split between classes in the morning and flying King Airs in the afternoon. “It was a year’s immersion in business aviation. Once I understood the power of this industry, I never turned back.” Since becoming a professional, he’s earned his CAM credential and master’s in aviation management, helped his depart-ment achieve IS-BAO Stage III certification, implemented an ASAP safety program and developed an internship program. Wearing many hats is part of the appeal for him. “To not only get to fly, but also work on industry challenges or safety initiatives – the variety keeps things interesting.”


Compressed Gas Systems, LLC

Besides being a CFO, Evans is a member of the Southern California Aviation Association, NBAA and Component Control’s QUE Group. Evans came to business aviation from outside the industry and has hired many people without aviation experience, so “mentorship is crucial.” She tries to create an inclusive environment for employees and makes herself available as a mentor. “It’s a great diverse, supportive community. Everyone is willing to help each other,” she said. Evans believes the industry offers many career options. “There are airports every-where; you can go anywhere and find a job in business aviation that’s exciting.”


Manager, Flight Operations
Boston Scientific

Lacking a precise blueprint for career advancement, Fitzgerald made his own path. “There aren’t as many clear rungs in the ladder for schedulers, so I’ve always looked for my own ways to get ahead.” That’s included earning his MBA, dispatch-er license and CAM credential, as well as taking specialized training on topics such as security and international procedures. He’s also been co-chair of NBAA’s Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee, sharing his passion for learning through education sessions at the annual conference.”


Head of Safety
Joby Aviation

A future where safe, quiet and affordable air taxis zip passengers across busy cities isn’t Fraser’s goal – it’s her expectation. “From the regulatory environment to the technology, the stars are aligning,” she said. A commercial pilot and CFI with a background in aviation policy, working for the GAMA and the FAA and as Uber’s head of aviation policy, Fraser has spent the last year working to bring electric ver-tical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to a city near you. Her focus on safety and finding regulatory solutions has played a key role in moving eVTOL one step closer to becoming reality.


Regional Sales Manager
Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems, LLCt

Seeing Gallardo as he moves around conference floors greeting old friends, one gets the impression of an individual destined to succeed in business aviation. In fact, the road to becoming one of the industry’s top salespeople was interesting. “It all came down to a blind Craigslist ad,” he recalled of his first job search. “Turned out to be a business aviation company, and the rest was history.” That history has seen Gallardo skyrocket to the top of an industry seemingly made for his gregarious personality. “Whether you’re coworkers or competitors, business aviation is one amazing family of hard-working people.”


Contract Flight Attendant

Business aviation has taken Gerome on a whirlwind ride around the globe. “I’m from a small town and now have friendships with people all across the world,” she said. During her five years of interna-tional flying, she’s built a reputation as a dependable problem-solver with a knack for improvisation. She is also passionate about mentoring new flight attendants, sharing her experiences and helping them build their networks and navigate the contract process. “Somebody took a chance on me. Because of that I’ve gotten to see the world and experience so many different cultures,” she said. “I want to pay that forward.”


Manager, Systems Engineering
Gogo Business Aviation

As she designs products that enable communication at 40,000 feet, Greczyn is guided by one principle: Is there a better way? “All industries have some standard ways of thinking about problems” she said. “It’s fun to see what happens when you challenge those norms.” That’s why the creative Greczyn has thrived in inflight connectivity development, a complex, rapidly evolving field. She often speaks at conferences and universities to encourage more people to join her in reshaping the future. “We’re at a juncture where technology is fueling innovation at a rapid pace.”


Product Design Authority
Thales Avionics, Inc.

Grossetete is changing the way business aviators see the sky. As chief engineer of the Thales TopMax Head-Worn Display System, he’s drawing from the latest military technology to give civilian pilots more information faster. His other accomplishments are numerous: He spearheaded multidisciplinary coordination of the company’s worldwide teams, opened a new U.S. office, and played a critical role in building a high-performing team. Grossetete is poised to continue his upward trajectory while enjoying the perks of designing products for civil aircraft.


General Manager
Kenmore Aero Services, LLC

It’s no surprise the boy who spent summers riding his bike to a local crop duster strip ended up in the airport business. From his first job washing airplanes to running one of Seattle’s largest FBOs, Helms has succeeded. He elevated his former FBO to a top-10 national ranking, then increasing sales at Kenmore Aero Services by over 500% in two years. He believes young people with a variety of interests also can thrive in aviation. “All careers can touch business aviation,” he said. “Want to be a chef? We have catering. Nurse? Come be a flight medic. Attorney, mechanic, you name it – there’s something for everyone here.”


Experience Aviation

Irving has had a lifetime’s worth of impact on young people. A football star guided by mentors out of an inner-city Miami neigh-borhood and into aviation, he became, at age 23, the youngest to fly solo around the world in a single-engine aircraft. His next act has arguably been more impressive: The Flying Classroom, a K-8 educational curriculum that teaches STEM and critical thinking through interactive lesson plans involving business aircraft. “Kids don’t want to be lectured to, they want to experience,” he said, so Irving has brought his innovative education program to over 600 schools.


Senior Vice President, Aircraft Maintenance

After serving in the Air Force, Jensen joined ACI as a technician 15 years ago. In his present role, he has worked to create an environment where people work hard, utilize new technology and have fun in the process. Jensen values the relationships he’s built in business aviation over the years and emphasizes the role of mentorship in preparing the next generation of business aviation professionals. “I’ve had several mentors help guide me and get me onto the path that I’m on today,” he said.


Vice President, Sales & Business Development
Levaero Aviation

From the hardwood to the hangar, Kuliavas knows how to maximize talent. The skills that have fueled his success in aircraft sales were first on display at Embry-Riddle, where he helped coach the basketball team to a #1 ranking. His leadership style – marked by a commitment to empowering team members – has helped him thrive. He also enjoys mentoring students considering careers in aviation. “Business aviation is filled with people willing to take the time to help you grow,” he said. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a supportive culture.”


Chief Pilot
Ohio University Air Transportation Service

When you eat, sleep and breathe airplanes, you never turn down an opportunity to fly. That’s how Lather found himself leading a humanitarian mission to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The many missions that business air-craft pilots fly is a major reason why Lather feels at home in the industry. He uses his post as an instructor in the university’s pilot internship program to educate students about the range of career opportunities. “I love getting them out of that training bubble and seeing different types of aviation operations,” said Lather.


Solairus Aviation

Whether developing an in-house professional development program, speaking at safety events or guiding local students into aviation careers, Lindow exemplifies the best of business aviation. “I’ve always enjoyed getting involved in all the different facets of the flight department,” the Citation CJ3 captain said. “That’s why business aviation initially interested me – from aircraft management to safety programs to workforce development, there are so many ways beyond flying to make an impact. The sheer variety of career paths really supports a wide range of goals.”


Heartland Aviation Group

From the serendipitous beginning to the present, Lumpp’s business aviation career has been defined by meaningful personal relationships. In the five years since a customer at his family-owned pet shop asked the fateful career question, “Have you ever thought about aviation marketing?” Lumpp has grabbed opportunity and run with it, earning plaudits for his leadership skills, ingenuity and warm personality as he’s taken over management duties for nine general aviation publications. “You’ll never find a more genuine group of people than in business aviation,” he said.


Director of Aviation

In a shifting business landscape, Mahoney knew how to remain steady. He went to bat for his flight department armed with clear, easily understood data showing that the company aircraft is an essential tool. “Our mission is efficiency, so we laid out how this is by far the best value for helping our business succeed,” he said. Mahoney originally expected his stint in business aviation to last no longer than his eight-week internship. But now he encourages people interested in the industry to explore its plentiful opportunities. “There are so many avenues to succeed in business aviation,” said Mahoney.


Chartright Air Group

Marcellin is helping spread the word about business aviation. The Canadian pilot’s popular YouTube video series “Global Life” takes viewers behind the scenes of Global Express missions, mixing breathtaking cockpit footage with operational insights. The video series is just the tip of the iceberg for the affable Marcellin, who has an oversized creative streak and daunting array of side projects. His Facebook group “People of the Sky” – which celebrates aviation professionals – has more than 200,000 followers, and his newly released book, “The Pilot Factored,” continues his last book’s exploration of physical and mental fitness on the flight deck.


VP Global Account Management

Of all the traits contributing to McClintock’s meteoric rise in business aviation, perhaps none have been as impactful as her fearlessness. That willingness to plunge into the unknown is what led her six years ago to move to California and join an industry she didn’t know existed days earlier. “I try to show that it’s possible to put yourself out there and do things you never imagined,” she said. Now an ac-count manager who handles 200+ clients, McClintock strives to share a simple message: you can do it, too. “Whatever age and whatever background, your dreams can come true in business aviation.”


President, Owner
Latitude 33 Aviation

Latitude 33 manages the largest Citation fleet on the West Coast, and it all started with a simple question to a new aircraft owner: “Want me to take care of the details for you?” This venture has gone from what was a side hustle to employing over 60 people who manage more than 30 airplanes. “It’s surreal to say the least,” said Miller. Surreal but not unexpected. Latitude 33, which has an Argus Platinum safety rating, is a testament to both Miller’s keen understanding of the market and his focus on details. “We’ve built this business through exceptional service and word of mouth, and we’re committed to upholding that reputation.”


The Kroger Co.

Since Minturn transitioned from the airlines to business aviation, the NBAA Safety Committee member and chair of the Midwest Safety Roundtable has pursued his passion – aviation safety. He is a staunch advocate for adoption of the Aviation Safety Action Program in Part 91 operations, and last year he worked with the University of Amsterdam to develop aviation safety metrics. Minturn also has helped develop in-house technology solutions for data collection. “What I love about business aviation is I really feel like I’m making the company and the industry better.”


Director of Ground Operations
ABS Jets

Business aviation isn’t just a job for Pazourek – it’s an opportunity “to get to know the world.” From Mexico to Brazil to his native Czech Republic, Pazourek has embraced the industry’s global scale while helping ABS Jets grow into one of Europe’s most successful business aviation companies. When not overseeing the organization’s dispatching, ground handling and travel management departments, Pazourek advocates for business aviation. He contributed several chapters about the industry to the publication, “The World of Air Transport,” and mentors aviation students at local universities.


Director of Sales

The bookends of Punnett’s life in aviation – watching crop dusters in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as a child to leading national sales for a Part 135 operation – obscure the tenuous part of his story: the “total chaos” of his entry into business aviation. “I had no idea about career paths or what I wanted to do,” Nevertheless, the passionate Punnett quickly made a name for himself. Yet, he’s never forgotten the simple pleasure of just watching airplanes fly. “The real day-to-day joys are smelling jet fuel, hearing engines and walking out to the ramp to see a couple departures,” he says.


Aviation Sales Executive

Before Ramos was a fixture on convention floors, he made his name designing convention floors. But after attending an NBAA event, he left the tradeshow world for an industry that has proven to be a perfect fit for his gregarious personality. “I get so much satisfaction out of digging deep into people’s needs and building meaningful relationships from there.” His success in the North American mar-ket has enabled him to expand his focus to international charter solutions. “Every day I get to connect with other passionate people to make the industry work more efficiently. What’s not to love?”


Manager of Airframe Services
Duncan Aviation

In just eight years, Rangel has gone from scraping sealant to managing 250 technicians. His quick ascent in the industry – a product of strong leadership skills, exceptional problem-solving ability and hard work – inspired him to develop a new technician helper program at Duncan Aviation. Approved by the Departments of Labor and Education, the 24-month program combines training and on-the-job experience to help new technicians develop their skills and earn their A&P certification. The program’s success rate is 72%, which shows, “If you’ve got drive, business aviation gives you endless opportunities to grow your career.”



Riemer likes that business aviation is a meritocracy. “It’s an industry based on merit rather than seniority. You decide how far you go by your tenacious attitude rather than waiting for your number to come up.” Riemer knows how important early exposure to business aviation can be. The former teacher has helped develop partnerships between schools and industry to introduce students to aviation through STEM-based curriculum, and she contributes to workforce development initiatives. “Young people often don’t know there are so many opportunities in aviation – sales, maintenance, flying. Inviting kids to see these opportunities is so important.”


Senior Director Global Marketing
Satcom Direct

Rost is in the storytelling business, and in the storytelling business you need to get creative. Hiring “white hat” hackers to demonstrate industry vulnerabilities at a cybersecurity awareness event is the kind of compelling marketing that’s made Rost a rising star. “It’s one thing to hear statistics, but when you see somebody tear through a system, that’s when it really becomes relevant to you.” Rost has spent much of her career on the cutting edge of aviation technology and is ready to tell its next story. “It’s exciting to be part of an industry that’s leading the way in so many technical areas.”


Vice President, Commercial Lender
Scope Aircraft Finance

Responsible for nearly half of the loan portfolio at Scope Aircraft Finance, Smith is constantly working to meet client needs and deepen his industry expertise. He has soared since combining his passions for aviation and finance. His pilot ratings and love of flying give him credibility with clients, and his drive to give them the complete picture earns their trust. Smith believes business aviation re-wards those with inquisitive personalities. “Ask questions, don’t hesitate to talk to anybody, and don’t ever stop learning. The opportunities will create themselves.”


Senior Aviation Scheduler
MI Aviation Holdings

Tatarchenko didn’t intend to enter business aviation. But after seeing a job posting for a scheduler, the San Diego State grad realized the job would be a perfect fit for her highly organized, problem-solving skill set. Besides gaining satisfaction from assembling disparate components into a successful mission, she’s spearheaded SMS enhancements, volunteered with aviation groups, and earned an NBAA Scheduler Safety Award. “I’ve yet to meet anyone who has left aviation – it’s an absolutely wonderful field, and once you’re in, I promise you’ll never get out,” she said.


AVP, Head of Aviation
Lincoln Financial Group

Whether developing an Aviation Safety Action Program, spearheading IS-BAO Stage 1 and 2 certification efforts, or procuring access for his company to Reagan National Airport through the DCA Access Standard Security Program, Tollini is always in motion. “Part of it is that I can’t sit still,” he laughs. “But I never want to have to say, ‘Sorry, we don’t have that qualification.’” Involved with several industry groups, Tollini serves on NBAA’s Safety Committee, FAA’s Safety Team and as an FAA designated pilot examiner, where he relishes the opportunity to guide young pilots and promote safety best practices.


Avialex Law Group, LLP

Van Geffen is making an impact in the industry many ways. When he is not assisting clients with a variety of aviation legal needs, he serves as an AOPA panel attorney, regional vice president for the International Air and Transportation Safety Bar Assn., and he provides pro bono assistance to help local flight schools offer free discovery flights to students. In addition, Van Geffen is on the Board of Trustees for the Oakland Aviation Museum, helping to preserve its 80-year-old aircraft hangar and coordinating STEM educational opportunities for young people in the Bay Area.


VP & General Manager
First Wing Jet Center

The White House-to-FBO pipeline is not a typical business aviation pathway, but it’s paid off for White. Politically inclined, savvy and curious, he has built a strong, unique resume: strategic positions in the federal government, an Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association award for helping develop its Fly-Ins, a key role preparing Indianapolis’ aviation infrastructure for the 2012 Super Bowl, and head of outreach for the Indy Connect transit program. Most recently, he’s helped grow First Wing Jet Center, guiding his team to recognition from the FAA and Cirrus Aircraft.


Sales Director
Comlux Aviation

Nearly a decade after Williamson traded a professional golf career for one in business aviation, he has no regrets. Replacing high-pressure tee shots with complex international transactions satisfies his competitive nature, and the steady, adaptable approach he brought to golf has helped him thrive in his aviation career. The international scope of the industry also has been a huge draw for William-son, who has worked in Malta, his native England and now Miami. “Business aviation is a vast, amazing industry to work in. It’s incredibly satisfying to work with teams in different countries to help meet clients’ needs.”


Engine Service Sales Representative
Duncan Aviation

Wilson is following a career path trail-blazed by her great-grandmother, one of World War II’s “Rosie the Riveters.” After years honing her craft on Duncan’s engine and project management teams, the licensed A&P technician now combines the best of both worlds: constant technical learning and building relationships. “I enjoy the excitement of those AOG calls when you’re dropping everything to become Johnny-on-the-spot,” she said. Wilson also enjoys volunteering for numerous charitable organizations. “Business aviation has taken me to places I never imagined I’d go,” she said.


Chief Experience Officer
Business Jet Center

Teamwork comes easy to Wren, a former college basketball captain who’s become a rising star in the FBO world. Wren knows how essential each role at an FBO is, as she’s done nearly all of them, from the flight line to fuel sales. She also has co-founded Business Jet Cares, Inc., a charitable group that supports programs for veterans and their families. Wren also heads the North Texas Business Aviation Association. “I didn’t know a lick about airplanes and jumped into the unknown, but business aviation made it easy to find my niche.”