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Rekha Lyons
Director of Marketing and Communications, Hillsboro Aviation

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Rekha Lyons started flight training at the age of 16 and wants to see the world of aviation more accessible to kids who dream of flying, but don’t see themselves represented in aviation.

Having been involved with organizations such as Portland Community College and Airway Science for Kids, a nonprofit dedicated to creating equity in aviation STEAM education, Lyons believes that exposing youth, particularly young girls, to aviation and the dream of flight is paramount to the industry’s future success.

“The look on kids’ faces when they realize that a career in this industry, be it as a pilot or mechanic or C-level executive, might actually be attainable – that’s what drives me,” said Lyons. “By day, I get to craft stories of the individuals and companies that followed their passions. And by night, I get to work with the kids who dream about it. I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding career.”