W. Hulsey Smith – 2022 Business Aviation Top 40 Under 40 Award Recipient

Marketing Category

W. Hulsey Smith
President, Assent Aeronautics / Executive Producer, V1 Productions

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W. Hulsey Smith’s family has owned and operated aircraft since the late 1940’s. He fell in love with aviation at an early age and quickly became fascinated by the time that could be saved moving across states in aircraft, realizing the vital part aircraft played in the success of his family businesses.

While still an undergrad, he started the forerunning company of Assent Aeronautics. In 2019, Assent Aeronautics launched a media production house, V1 Productions, which produces Straight and Level, now streaming on Amazon.

“I am passionate about sharing aviation, and my love of aviation, with the world. The golden age of aviation is not dead, it has just been forgotten. My passion today is to bring back society’s interest and passion in aerospace,” said Smith.