Working in business aviation means you are part of the broader general aviation community, which includes a diverse set of operations contributing to a positive social impact, from emergency medical flights to providing transportation in communities not served by the airlines. When we come together, we are 1.1 million employees committed to connecting people and communities.

Through the enGAge campaign, we are working with YoPros to build a community of advocates that can stand up for the future of general aviation. Our industry has a strong record of successful advocacy efforts, and through enGAge, we are preparing our next generation of professionals.

The Strength of Our Community

With general aviation connecting more than 5,000 airports across the United States, our industry touches nearly every Congressional district. Each of these airports provides critical jobs and economic activity to communities, meaning that elected officials are interested in learning how we serve their constituents.

Since general aviation includes all operations other than the commercial airlines or military, we form an incredibly diverse coalition. For example, in successfully opposing the airline-backed effort to gain control of the air traffic control system, more than 200 organizations, from seaplane operators to the Veterans Airlift Command supported the effort.

Our Positive Social Impact

The ability of general aviation to operate on-demand, while serving airports that commercial airlines simply cannot reach, makes the industry invaliable for humanitarian missions. From the 60,000 flights provided to cancer patients by the Corporate Angel Network, to the 1.4 million pounds of supplies delivered in support of Haiti relief efforts, we have an impressive story to tell.

General aviation is also a leader in sustainability by pioneering advances in electric propulsion and promoting the use of sustainable alternative fuels. Through use of these biofuels, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced up to 70%.

Although business aviation carbon emissions are only 0.04% of all emissions, we are making significant progress in reducing our already small environmental footprint. The continued advancements in electric propulsion, engine technologies and alternative fuels represent our commitment to sustainability.

The Importance of Advocacy

The strong connections that general aviation has to thousands of communities makes it critical for elected officials to hear directly from you. When members of Congress or state legislators receive personal messages from constituents on a key issue it is extremely effective. As an industry we have been able to generate significant outreach on a variety of political issues and need to grow that capability for the future.

Through NBAA’s Grassroots Action Center, advocates can directly communicate with federal and state elected officials on issues that directly impact general aviation.