Janury 27, 2012

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (R) and New Hampshire Governor John Lynch (D) have written to President Obama asking for his support for all of general aviation, including business aviation.

The governors’ letters remind the president of the industry’s essential role in supporting job creation, helping companies of all sizes compete and succeed and connecting communities to global markets.

Governor Fallin’s letter notes that, “GA supports 1.2 million American jobs, over $150 billion in economic impact annually, and is a vital economic engine for our national economy. For all states, including Oklahoma, GA aircraft and the airports they utilize represent a critical link in emergency services, economic opportunity and global markets.” Review the full letter from Oklahoma Governor Fallin.

Governor Lynch’s letter reminds the president that, “General aviation has been hit hard by the economic downturn…I hope that you will join me in recognizing the importance of this industry to our national economy, and in taking steps to preserve this important transportation industry and it infrastructure whenever possible.” Review the full letter from New Hampshire Governor Lynch.

The two governors’ letters come in the wake of a message from the White House reiterating the administration’s support for per-flight user fees for GA. In her letter, Governor Fallin said flatly, new tax burdens on a critical sector of our economy will do more economic harm than good and put thousands of jobs at risk. For this reason, I oppose the imposition of ‘user fee’ taxes on general aviation aircraft operators in any form.”

The governors’ letters were sent at the request of the Alliance for Aviation Across America, a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of more than 5,700 individuals and organizations, including NBAA, said that aviation entities would be “decimated” by the administration’s proposed user fee and that the new fees would place a huge administrative burden on businesses, farms and organizations already struggling because of the economic downturn.

NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen earlier this month issued a statement reiterating NBAA’s long-standing opposition to user fees in any form, and added: “…the White House will continue supporting its position on user fees by promoting the tired rhetoric that disparages GA, when it should be promoting the industry, and the jobs, exports and economic development it generates.”&

The gubernatorial letters join those earlier signed by 70 mayors in 44 states, and 36 independent state proclamations affirming the value of general aviation, including business aviation. Review the list of regional aviation proclamations.