The NBAA Business Aviation Fact Book offers a clear and thorough presentation of the broad scope and value of the business aviation industry, with real-world information and data about its value to citizens, companies and communities across the country.

Presented in charts, tables and brief descriptions, the data in the publication is gathered from respected sources such as federal agencies and industry surveys. Also included are a number of NBAA Member Company profiles describing the types of companies and professionals that use business aircraft.

Long a popular Member benefit, the NBAA Business Aviation Fact Book notes that most organizations using business aircraft are small and mid-size companies, as well as universities, governments and charitable organizations. The publication features sections presenting the industry’s record on safety, security and environmental stewardship. It also reports on the thousands of air ambulance and mercy flights flown by business aircraft each year, as well as the hundreds of relief missions flown in response to natural disasters.

The Business Aviation Fact Book includes the following sections:

  • Section 1: What Is Business Aviation?
  • Section 2: Business Aviation Means Jobs and Economic Development
  • Section 3: Business Aircraft Are Time-Saving Productivity Tools
  • Section 4: Business Aviation Strengthens Businesses, Communities
  • Section 5: Business Aviation Means Helping Communities in Crisis
  • Section 6: Making Safety and Security Top Priorities
  • Section 7: A Continuing Record of Environmental Stewardship and Progress

Also included are company profiles and source data, as well as information about how government utilization of business aircraft increases agency or departmental efficiency and provides significant taxpayer value.

Download the Business Aviation Fact Book (2.3 MB, PDF)

Order a free printed copy of the Business Aviation Fact Book. This publication is released in support of the No Plane No Gain industry advocacy program.