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Application Overview

The purpose of the CAM application is to assist you in qualifying and applying for the CAM exam. Using a point-based system to evaluate your employment history, formal education, licensing and certification, and continuing education, this document will enable you to conduct a self-assessment to determine whether or not you possess the qualifications required to apply for the exam. NBAA encourages those who do not yet qualify for the exam to pursue professional development opportunities in order to qualify in the future.

The application is divided into five areas:

  • Personal Information and Employment History
  • Formal Education
  • Application Point Qualification System
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Payment Information

Employment History

Two years of business aviation experience are required. Points are awarded based on experience in various supervisory and nonsupervisory positions. The four employment categories are as follows:

  • People Management With Direct Reports – Supervisory (e.g., chief pilot, chief of maintenance, dispatch supervisor, director, CFO)
  • Program Management in Business Aviation – Nonsupervisory (e.g., standards, safety, lead technician, lead scheduler, lead flight attendant, training)
  • Pilot/Maintenance/Dispatch in Business Aviation – Nonsupervisory (e.g., captain, pilot, co-pilot, flight attendant, scheduler, technician, admin)
  • Aviation Other – Nonsupervisory (e.g., occupations from other aviation segments such as airline, military, CFI, line service, admin)

Formal Education

  • Aviation Trade School – 15 points
  • Associate’s Degree – 25 points
  • Baccalaureate Degree – 35 points
  • Master’s Degree or Higher – 45 points

Maximum points allowed from formal education are 45 points, no matter how many degrees awarded.

Application Point Qualification System

Individuals may use the Application Point Qualification System to calculate CAM application points for employment history, formal education, licensing and certification, and continuing education.

  • Employment History – 90 points maximum
  • Formal Education – 45 points maximum; choose points for highest level of education attained
  • Licensing and Certification – 30 points maximum; copies of licenses and certificates are required to be submitted with the application
  • Continuing Education – 45 points maximum

A minimum total of 100 points is required in the CAM application to qualify for the CAM exam.

Letters of Recommendation

Two signed letters of recommendation are required to apply for the exam. Both letters of recommendation are required from a credible reference such as a current/previous supervisor and/or mentor who can speak to your overall character.