Step Up to a Leadership Role

Thinking about management? Become a CAM. By achieving this credential, you will prepare yourself for career growth and opportunity, prove your knowledge and qualifications to be an industry leader, gain the recognition of your peers and superiors, and join an elite group of business aviation professionals.

What is CAM certification?

The Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) program identifies qualified professionals to lead departments and organizations that use business aircraft. The CAM credential acknowledges professionals committed to continuous development and higher standards of practice.

The certification process tests your knowledge and experience in five subject areas:

  • Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Aircraft Maintenance & Facilities Services
  • Business Management

CAMs are professionals who have demonstrated an exemplary level of industry knowledge and expertise. These men and women are committed to excellence and prepared to lead.

How CAM Works for You

Who is interested in your CAM credential?

  • Employers
  • Passengers
  • Crew members
  • Peers
  • Business leaders

As a CAM, you can prove that you have met the industry standard and that you have the potential to be a successful aviation department manager. Additional benefits of becoming a CAM:

  • Industry-recognized title that earns you a seat at the table of business aviation leaders
  • A tool to help current managers begin a succession program for recognizing future leaders
  • Added motivation to continue your professional development and stay at the top of the industry
  • Access to a network of industry professionals to help you succeed

Certification is an objective, third-party review of standards designed to protect the interests of all stakeholders in business aviation management. It demonstrates that you are prepared to move into a position within an aviation department as a result of extensive study and preparation.

Earn your CAM and distinguish yourself from the rest.


CAM is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Accreditation by the NCCA demonstrates to the business aviation profession and the general public that the CAM program has been reviewed by a panel of impartial experts and found to comply with the rigorous NCCA standards. The CAM program is the first in the aviation industry to receive this credential.

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Those interested in becoming CAMs must meet certain qualifications in order to take the exam. Review the CAM application now.

The exam is appropriate for any individual currently managing, or aspiring to manage, any aspect of business aviation operations.

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What Others Have Said

“I wanted to be better prepared to do my job, and the things I learned while preparing for the CAM exam – the tax implications of aircraft use, for example – gave me a broader understanding of the needs of aircraft owners.”

Director of Aviation Services, Hangar Aviation Management
Former NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee Chair

“It definitely helped me get my current position. I’d been a captain for many years, and I’d earned my MBA recently, but the CAM did factor in. It helped put my resume at the top of the pile.”

Director of Aviation, Glazer’s

“For me, the real education in becoming a CAM is in making professional connections with people who help guide you through the certification process and become your mentors.”

Assistant Director of Operations, Key Air

“My goal is to someday be director of a flight department. That’s why I went for the CAM – to give me the credential to do that.”

Senior Manager of Maintenance, The Home Depot
CAM Recertification Award for Tenure
The CAM Recertification Award for Tenure (CRAFT) program recognizes the continued renewal of the Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) credential. CRAFT rewards CAMs for their commitment to consistent and unbroken recertification history. Learn more about CRAFT.