The NBAA Compensation Survey has been a fundamental tool available to business aviation since 2002. This year, the survey is undergoing a face-lift to include a user-friendly Excel based questionnaire, coverage of more compensation-related topics, and is being administered by BDO USA, LLP on behalf of NBAA.

The purpose of this survey is to provide participants with comprehensive picture of aviation department/function makeup, key benefits and policies and compensation packages for their employees in flight departments/functions. This includes:

  • Annual cash compensation (including base salary, overtime, and annual incentives)
  • Salary Ranges
  • Merit Increases
  • Long-term incentives- eligibility and type
  • Formally recorded Duty/Flight hours and Weekend/RON day

Data collection will begin in March and the survey will be published in September. The new timing is designed to align with compensation planning cycles, enabling the survey to capture the most recent salary and bonus information.

Jan. 28 – March 31, 2019 Registration form to participate in data submission to be completed and submitted.
March 1 – April 12, 2019 Questionnaires emailed to registered individuals for data entry.
April 15, 2019 Submission deadline for completed questionnaires.
To participate in the 2019 NBAA Compensation Survey you must complete and return the registration form.

Download the 2019 NBAA Compensation Survey Registration Form

For more information about the survey, please email