Small flight department managers are responsible for everything associated with operating their aircraft, including ensuring they are airworthy and available to fly. Many department managers are not A&P mechanics, making the task of keeping aircraft legal more challenging.

The NBAA Small Flight Department Committee created this NBAA members-only resource to help fellow small flight department managers keep their aircraft airworthy, preserve residual value of these assets, and resolve unscheduled maintenance events as quickly and safely as possible.

Download the Best Practices for Small Flight Department Maintenance (PDF)

This list of best practices is not comprehensive, but rather is meant to be a tool providing recommendations from mechanics, managers and professionals in the maintenance field. It will also be a living document that will continue to change as industry requirements evolve and best practices are continually identified and refined.

NBAA’s Domestic Operations Committee is the place for business aviation to come together to solve its challenges. Its Small Flight Department Subcommittee, which developed this resource, focuses on the unique concerns and operational strategies of organizations flying one to two aircraft. Learn more about the NBAA Domestic Operations Committee.