Effective May 21, 2024

There are three NBAA member categories:

The qualifications and dues structure for each member category are detailed below. The online membership applications will ask a few simple questions to identify your member category, then will calculate your dues based on the information you provide. Membership dues are non-refundable.

In addition, a Leadership Council member level is available to provide greater support to the association’s mission to promote an environment that fosters business aviation in the U.S. and around the world. Along with the full suite of NBAA member benefits, Leadership Council membership includes regular detailed political briefings, recognition on the NBAA website, exclusive invitations to functions at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition and more. Leadership Council members must qualify for membership in one of the categories listed above. Learn more about the NBAA Leadership Council.

Operating Members

An Operating Member can be any person or entity that owns or operates aircraft, primarily not for hire, as a transportation aid in the conduct of its business or activities, if it meets both of the the following criteria:

  • it uses pilots holding the qualifications required by the appropriate regulatory authority
  • less than 50 percent of its total sales volume, including that of all subsidiaries and affiliates, is from products or services sold to business aviation clients

Operating Member dues include a base fee and an additional amount per aircraft operated.

Base Fee


For each UAS add


For each Piston Aircraft add


For each Turbine Aircraft 12,500 lbs. or less add


For each Turbine Aircraft over 12,500 lbs. add




Business Members

A Business Member can be any person or entity that has a commercial interest in business aviation and does not qualify for membership as an Operating Member. Applicants for Business membership must be engaged in a field of endeavor whose aims are consistent with the principles and interests of the association.

Business Member dues are based upon the company’s gross annual revenue.

Gross Annual Revenue

Annual Dues

Up to $3 million


More than $3 million and up to $20 million


More than $20 million and up to $100 million


More than $100 million and up to $500 million


More than $500 million



$475 (flat rate)

Airport Membership

Airports that serve the business aviation community may join for a flat rate of $475. To join as an Airport Member, please call NBAA at 866-363-4650. For the latest on airport issues or to learn about how NBAA is working to support airports every day, visit nbaa.org/airports.

Professional Members

NBAA’s Professional member category is for any person with a pervasive interest in business aviation.



Any person with a pervasive interest in business aviation who independently contracts with the business aviation community, including: contract pilots, flight attendants, maintenance personnel and similar functions.

Aspiring Professional


Recent graduates, current and former military, persons not currently employed.

Retired Professional


Any person previously employed in business aviation.



Anyone currently enrolled in a high school, college or vocational program.

Professional members are restricted to participation by only one individual per membership. They are not eligible to exhibit, sponsor or advertise with NBAA, or access the NBAA Compensation Survey.

Join by Mail

Download the Operating and Business Member Application (PDF)

Download the Professional Member Application (PDF)
– For those not employed by existing NBAA Member Companies

Download the Affiliated Professional Member Application (PDF)
– For employees of existing NBAA Member Companies

To join by mail, send completed application and check (payable to NBAA in U.S. Dollars) to:

Attn: Membership
P.O. Box 55481
Boston, MA 02205-5481