NBAA’s Airport Advocate Guide provides step-by-step guidance for those who wish to advocate for their local general aviation airport. Developed by airport experts on NBAA’s staff and Access Committee, the booklet contains a wealth of information about how to organize and build community support for your airport, how to work with the news media, and how to find or even calculate the economic value of the airport to your region.

As a companion to the Airports Handbook, the Airport Advocate Guide offers real-life examples and case studies of successful events and strategies to promote airports, from legislative Aviation Days in Arizona and Missouri to aviation career events at New York’s Westchester County Airport. Advocates can download how-to information or print out checklists of a variety of promotional tools, from how to write news releases and opinion-editorials to how to hold press conferences and Aviation Days for legislators, the general public or the news media.

Information on how to use social media to the advantage of the airport is included, as is a unique formula on how to quantify the dollar value of an airport’s economic impact to its local community. The guide discusses the importance of building relationships with local officials, the news media, legislators, and the general public. Guidance and ideas are offered on how to reach out to all of these audiences, including special sections on legislative, community, and media outreach.

Download the Airport Advocate Guide in PDF format.