NBAA has identified professionalism as the cornerstone focus area of any successful flight operation in which professional behaviors rule and safe actions become a byproduct.

Professionalism is about identity as well as action. Improved professionalism can:

  • Have an immediate and positive impact on aviation safety.
  • Elevate business aviation’s reputation in the eyes of the public, regulators and customers.
  • Shift the industry’s focus beyond surviving to leading and thriving.

NBAA is dedicated to promoting professionalism and providing useful tools and resources to support professional behavior throughout business aviation. Review the resources below to help set you on the path to professionalism, and share your feedback using the forms provided or by emailing the Safety Committee at

What Defines Professionalism?

Professionalism in aviation is the pursuit of excellence through discipline, ethical behavior, and continuous improvement.

NBAA has developed an acronym to help remember the attributes that define professional behavior:

Preparation happens before you arrive at the airport.

Show respect for anyone with whom you interact.

Be fair and honest. Abide by the regulations.

Having and following SOPs drastically reduces the odds of an incident or accident.

Be the person you want others to emulate.

Do the right thing, even when nobody is looking.

Be authentic in your quest for continuous improvement.

Have the humility to realize you’re capable of making mistakes...

...and then own those mistakes as a learning opportunity for yourself and others.

Though professionalism may resist a singular universal definition, there is no denying that its collective qualities are precious and vital to a safe and thriving future for business aviation.

These opening words form initial waypoints for advancing business aviation professionalism. More are needed, and the NBAA invites business aviation professionals to actively join the quest. Please explore these pages and share your feedback with NBAA at