The Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) program identifies qualified professionals to lead aviation departments and companies that use business aircraft. Continuing Education can be used to qualify an applicant for the CAM exam, and to recertify CAM competency. Recertification every three years supports the CAM requirement that the professional commit to ongoing maintenance of professional competence over time. Many industry conferences, programs and events can qualify for CAM Program approval and offer certification points for Continuing Education. Approval for certification points will make your event more attractive to prospective attendees. In order to qualify your event to offer one (1) certification point, the event must have:

  1. Relevancy to one or more of the CAM exam subject matter domains (see the list of CAM Domains and Objectives). The focus of this presentation should relate to management level topics within these business aviation objectives:
    • Business Management
    • Human Resources
    • Leadership
    • Aircraft Maintenance and Facilities Services
    • Operations
  2. Content presented by recognized subject matter expert (SME) faculty. Providing a brief description of the presenter, including company and experience, with your application for CAM certification points will help expedite the review of your event.
  3. Duration of the management level related content should be at least four hours; multi-day events may qualify for more points. Include a brief description (two or three sentence) of the topic to be covered to expedite the review of your event.
  4. An auditable record of attendance including name, company, address, phone and e-mail must be sent to NBAA staff for those seeking CAM approval after the event concludes.
  5. Approval from the CAM Governing Board prior to the event.

To qualify your event for CAM Program status, submit a detailed package with the required documentation mentioned above to Tyler Austin, the CAM Administrative Director, at

We recommend you submit your event details at least three months prior to the program in order for CAM Governing Board review, and to give you adequate time to advertise CAM program status should you qualify.

Course/Event Review

  • NBAA Member – $150
  • Non-Member – $300

Organizations may have their education programs be designated as eligible recertification points for the CAM Program. Organizations must submit a detailed description of the program at least six months in advance for review by the CAM Governing Board. Approval is limited to an annual basis. For more information, email NBAA at