NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption

Since 1972, operators of small aircraft for business purposes have relied on NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption to carry passengers and property, and charge for a flight, enter into timesharing, interchange or joint ownership agreements, or to conduct demonstration flights and receive compensation. Those covered by NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption include all piston aircraft, helicopter and turbine aircraft (single-engine or under 12,500 lbs.) operators, provided they are NBAA members.

Best Practices for Small Flight Department Maintenance

The NBAA Small Flight Department Subcommittee created this members-only resource to help fellow small flight department managers keep their aircraft airworthy, preserve residual value of these assets, and resolve unscheduled maintenance events as quickly and safely as possible.

Small Operator Learning Series

Developed by the NBAA Small Flight Department Subcommittee, this series of online courses will address issues small flight department leaders face every day, while also providing newer managers with guidance in the development of their departments. Topics covered include budgeting, insurance, time sharing best practices, human resources, regulatory compliance and more.

NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE)

NBAA-BACE is the world’s largest civil aviation trade show, serving as the premier event and annual meeting place for the business aviation community. Each year, NBAA-BACE offers education sessions tailored to small business aircraft owners and entrepreneurs who may be considering using business aircraft to help their business.

Flight Department Administration Resources

Small flight departments also benefit from NBAA’s extensive access to peers and industry experts, as well as industry guidance from the Management Guide and Compensation & Benchmark Survey, among NBAA’s other operational and management resources.

Speaking With Your Principal

This members-only white paper covers three areas where conversations might be difficult: expectations, safety and budget. The document incorporates results from an NBAA membership survey that highlighted frustrations small-flight managers voiced about talking with principals. Learn more about this resource.