The goal of recertification is to evaluate the continued competence of a Certified Aviation Manager. The intent of the recertification program is to help ensure that the CAM stays current with industry issues and maintains the highest standards possible toward proper management credentials within business aviation.

NBAA CAM program staff maintains a complete listing of all approved programs and courses.  The listing below represents a small picture of the approved content.

Download the CAM Recertification Form (PDF)

CAM recertification requires the following:

  • a maintenance fee of $415 for NBAA members ($615 for non-members)
  • four points of recertification credit to be completed every 36 calendar months on the anniversary of the initial examination month.

If four points of recertification credit are not obtained within the 36-month maintenance period, the CAM exam will have to be taken in its entirety to keep CAM certification.

Four-Point Recertification Options

CAM Recertification Award for Tenure
The CAM Recertification Award for Tenure (CRAFT) program recognizes the continued renewal of the Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) credential. CRAFT rewards CAMs for their commitment to consistent and unbroken recertification history. Learn more about CRAFT.

Two-Point Recertification Options

  • Two points toward recertification can be obtained by completing a PDP-approved course that satisfies a single PDP objective. Each PDP objective covered by a PDP course qualifies as two points of recertification credit.

One-Point Recertification Options

  • One point per year may be obtained for each event attended. These events relate to flight department management issues:
    • NBAA Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference
    • NBAA Maintenance Conferences
    • NBAA International Operators Conferences
    • Business Aircraft Finance, Registration & Legal Conference
    • NBAA Leadership Conferences
    • NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conferences
    • Business Aviation Safety Summit
  • One point may be earned by participation in the CAM Governing Board Testing Committee as approved by the testing committee chair.
  • One point may be earned by participating on one of NBAA’s Standing Committees*
  • One point may be earned by participating on an industry committee or board (OEM, Regional Association, Roundtables, etc)*

* A max of 1 point per year, unless specifically cited in the CAM Policies & Procedures. Check with the NBAA CAM Staff to ensure that your committee participation follows these guidelines

Quarter-Point Recertification Options

A quarter point (¼) may be earned for each NBAA webinar’s, education sessions at NBAA Conferences, and NBAA-BACE, which cover topics relevant to the CAM domains. Please check event webpages for a detailed listing of approved sessions.

CAM Program Recertification Policy

The continued competence of aviation professional managers is a major interest of the CAM (Certified Aviation Manager) Governing Board and stakeholders.

The purpose of CAM Recertification is to ensure that a CAM demonstrates and maintains proficiency and competency in their profession. The knowledge, skills, and abilities of an aviation manager are constantly evolving within a dynamic industry. In order to stay apprised with these changes and to remain proficient in all aspects of the aviation manager’s role, the CAM Certification requires CAMs to demonstrate continued competence.

The definition of continuing competence within respect to a Certified Aviation Manager is to remain current and proficient with the rules and regulations, up to date on best-practices, and gaining knowledge on new concepts within the field. A CAM can demonstrate continued competence through attending special training courses, through industry involvement or taking part in exam development activities coordinated by the CAM Testing Committee or by retaking the CAM exam.

The CAM Governing Board recognizes the methods and procedures employed in recertification may differ from those used in the initial certification process.

Re-certification must be completed within the 36-calendar month interval on the last day of the anniversary month of the initial examination or the exam will have to be taken in its entirety. The 36-calendar month interval is used based on many professional certification programs’ re-certification standards. This is consistent with the pace of changes in technology, regulations, and other critical issues. The CAM Governing Board wants to have CAMs exposed to these and other changes in our industry to measure and enhance their continued competence.

Methods to achieve recertification –

  • Recertification may be accomplished by satisfactory completion of an additional CAM exam. CAMs that have participated in CAM Item development within the past four years are disqualified from this method.
  • Completion of a Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral degree in a field that can be linked to the CAM Job Analysis would completely satisfy recertification requirements for the 36-month cycle in which the degree was completed. A transcript from the conferring institution showing degree completion must be submitted to the CAM Administrative Director for recertification.
  • Recertification can be achieved by earning four points. Methods to earn points include –
    • Participation in exam item development sessions coordinated by the CAM Testing Committee can receive credit for recertification. One point will be awarded per full day of coordinated activity.
    • One point will also be awarded for six questions that are accepted into the test bank. CAMs wishing to utilize this option are required to attend at least one CAM Testing Committee activity to receive proper training and access prior to question submissions.
    • Attending instructional courses, seminars, or events. CAM Administrative Director will maintain a list of approved events that can be attended for points. All events must both start and finish within the 36-month cycle.

Organizations and individuals may apply to the CAM Administrative Director for approval to award points at qualified events. The CAM Bylaws and Standards Committee will make the final determination of qualifications and point values for each event.

  1. Application must be submitted at least 45 days prior to event. Approvals will be reviewed at intervals of not more than 31 days.
  2. Subject Matter Experts that are uniquely qualified in the field being covered at the event.
  3. Must contain content that can be directly linked to the CAM Job Analysis.
  4. Whether it is delivered in person or online (virtual), a roster that certifies individuals who successfully complete the event must be made available to the CAM Administrative Director by the entity that applies for event approval. Courses with grades must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” or “Pass”.
  5. For events that are self-paced, the entity that makes the content must have a (method of assessment) of the participant’s understanding of the material covered. Evidence of satisfactory completion of the assessment must be submitted to the CAM Administrative Director.
  6. After approval to award points is granted, changes to SME’s, course content, or length may result in loss of approval for event. Loss of approval is at the discretion of the Bylaws Committee.

Criteria for point value determination includes –

  • Complexity and relevance to business aviation.
  • Length of event. One point will be awarded for participation in events of 4 to 8 instructional hours. Participation in events of 14-instructional hours will be valued at a maximum of two points. Events lasting longer than 16-instructional hours, such as an accredited University Course trade school or college course, may qualify for more points.
  • The Bylaws and Standards Committee has discretion to adjust this value by 1⁄2 point.
  • PDP courses are based on coverage of PDP objectives as approved by the PDP Review Committee. PDP courses are not subject to the 14-instructional hour test (see b). Coverage of a PDP objective qualifies for two points; courses which cover multiple PDP objectives qualify for four points.

At least 30 days prior to the recertification anniversary date, having met one of the criteria for recertification as described in ‘3.05 Methods to achieve recertification’, the CAM will submit his recertification application and the required fee to the Administrative Director to cover expenses associated with maintaining the credential to complete the re-certification process.

CAMs may request a grace period of up to 12 months through approval by the Administrative Director. Under extreme circumstances, members of the military may request an additional 12-month grace period for extended deployments. The additional 12-month grace period must be approved by the Bylaws Committee. Proof of deployment must be submitted if requested.

Grace periods do not extend due date for subsequent recertifications. The recertification will only be good for 36 months from the original anniversary date.

If a CAM does not meet the recertification requirements, their CAM certification will expire, and they will forfeit their CAM privileges. A CAM whose certification has expired will have to successfully retake the CAM exam to renew their certification.

Policies and procedures for recertification will be incorporated in the published certification requirements provided by the CAM Governing Board.

To learn more about NBAA events listed above, and to register, visit NBAA’s events web page.

Organizations may have their education programs be designated as eligible recertification points for the CAM program. Organizations must submit a detailed description of the program at least six months in advance for review by the CAM Governing Board. Approval is limited to an annual basis. For more information, email NBAA at