Strong governance dictates that companies that utilize business aviation have board-approved use policy for the use of the aircraft. The policy should be written broadly enough to permit appropriate uses of the aircraft and include checks and balances to ensure there is no misuse or abuse of this business tool.

To guide businesses in creating these policies, NBAA has created a resource that breaks down the key components of an aircraft use policy and provides sample language for each component. Topics covered in this resource include access to the aircraft, personnel travel restrictions and pilot authority, as well as an overview of the different policy requirements for business, political and humanitarian use of the aircraft.

A comprehensive business aircraft use policy will make it clear to all employees what the expectations are for use of company aircraft. While policies will vary depending on a company’s size, mission, business reason for aircraft ownership and other factors, NBAA’s resource provides specific language examples that will assist companies of all sizes and business objectives in defining acceptable use within their flight department.

This publication is provided in PDF file format. The NBAA-branded PDF version is suitable for use as a sample to review and share with colleagues when planning the creation or revision of your own company policy. This publication is not a substitute for the advice of legal and tax advisors addressing specific situations at member companies. Additionally, this version of the publication is dated July 1, 2016 and does not incorporate any statues, regulations or guidance released after that date.

NBAA Business Aircraft Use Policy Guide – formatted version (221 KB, PDF)

Operators are encouraged to contact the NBAA Operations Service Group at or 202-783-9250 with any questions or feedback on this resource.