Access to reliable internet on business aircraft is no longer considered a luxury; it is an expected feature that passengers rely on to maximize their productivity. With 98% of aircraft expected to have some level of connectivity within the next 15 years, operators are increasingly seeking cost-effective connectivity solutions.

Read the results of NBAA’s previously completed 2017 connectivity survey.

Connectivity FAQs

Connectivity experts on NBAA’s Maintenance Committee answer your most common questions about adding and troubleshooting onboard Wi-FI networks.
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Connectivity Subcommittee

Through the efforts of its Connectivity Subcommittee, NBAA is dedicated to addressing the need for improvements in aircraft cabin connectivity. A diverse group of operators (pilots, IT specialists, flight attendants and maintenance professionals) work with manufacturers, training and service providers to develop an industry-wide standard for integrating cabin electronic systems, identify best practices and knowledge to enhance the end user experience.

Establishing a knowledge base for common equipment, performance and serviceability standards are key goals of the subcommittee. Actionable objectives include:

  • Developing educational resources
  • Facilitating a freeflowing exchange of information with manufacturers and service providers to influence the direction of future developments and support initiatives in aircraft cabin connectivity
  • Advance training opportunities for support personnel including technicians, flight attendants and pilots