June 1, 2022

The FAA’s Weather Technology in the Cockpit program has come a long way since the agency conducted its industry perspective survey in 2013. Since then, various NextGen enhancements and operational improvements have been developed, and the goal of the new online FAA Weather Technology in the Cockpit Pilot Industry Survey is to identify subsequent technology gaps revealed since the initial survey.

Facilitated by NBAA and a cohort of airline pilot associations, and administered by the National Center of Atmospheric Research, the survey results will contribute to incremental improvements in minimum weather meteorological information, its minimum performance standards and characteristics, how it is displayed in the cockpit and the training needed to best benefit from it.

This survey also will assess and provide feedback on the program’s minimum weather service recommendations and training. This study focuses on business aviation and airline pilots only, and the survey asks that participants “consider your answers to these questions from a pilot’s perspective, and try to separate your responses from any corporate and/or OPSPEC influences.”

All survey responses will remain anonymous and all information will be de-identified. If participants would like to share some proprietary information with the FAA but no one else, the survey allows participants to identify that information. It will be available to FAA survey team members, but it will not appear in any publicly available versions of the FAA’s final report.

NBAA urges all business aircraft pilots to participate in the survey to make flying safer by identifying – and ultimately filling – gaps in its cockpit weather technology.