March 31, 2020

More identified COVID-19 cases at air traffic control facilities have cropped up in recent days, with a total of at least 16 ATC facilities now impacted.

“This is a very fluid situation and it’s important to be prepared for limited or no ATC services,” said Heidi Williams, NBAA’s director of air traffic services and infrastructure. “That said, this is also an amazing effort on the part of the FAA to get timely information to its customers and users of the NAS [National Airspace System], while limiting the impact of decreased ATC services or even ATC Zero events.”

At this time, the following facilities are impacted:

  • Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) tower is in alert status. The tower is still providing services, but at a reduced level.
  • Republic Airport (FRG) in Farmingdale is at ATC Zero. The tower is not providing services and the airport is operating as an uncontrolled field.
  • New York Center (ZNY) is operating with some limitations, primarily impacting oceanic routes. Some oceanic routes are closed per NOTAM during certain hours, but traffic is still moving efficiently.

“The FAA is continuously assessing needs at all locations, including staffing and cleaning, and is developing protocols that align with local and state directives,” said Williams. “So far collaboration and coordination between the FAA and industry has been incredible and has minimized impact on the NAS.”

Business aircraft operators should visit the FAA’s Google map, sign up for NBAA Airspace/Airport Alerts and check NOTAMs for the most up-to-date information on ATC facility impacts.

Learn more about ATC Zero and other impacts to ATC services by listening to a recent edition of NBAA News Hour: When COVID-19 Causes ‘ATC-Zero’ Disruptions – Planning Considerations, a webinar recording providing lessons learned and recommendations for alternate planning.