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Resources: Technology

Here are just a few resources NBAA offers to help members stay current on new developments and to safely apply them to their businesses.

Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Learn about sustainable aviation fuels, which are designed to be efficient, “drop-in” renewable source alternatives to petroleum-based Jet A. While the availability of SAF continues to grow, additional supply at a competitive price is critical to achieving industry sustainability goals.

Advanced Air Mobility

Get the latest information about how electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft will move people and cargo between places not currently or easily served by traditional platforms.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Unmanned aircraft systems have many applications in business aviation. Read the latest on UAS technology, safety and integration into the National Airspace System.

Emerging Technologies Committee

This group provides insights that enable NBAA to advocate on behalf of industry on rulemaking, standards-setting and policy-related activities related to a variety of new aviation technologies.

Communications, Navigation & Surveillance

As new technologies have been developed, operators have made the investments needed to incorporate new equipment into their aircraft. Learn about technologies such as ADS-B, RVSM, TCAS, CVRs, FDRs and PBN.

50 successful and significant cyberattacks were reported worldwide against specific aviation targets from January 2022 to August 2022.

New Resources

NBAA State Aviation Tax Report

This continuously updated resource is designed to introduce the vast body of law that governs the taxation of general aviation in all 50 states.

Aircraft Operating and Leasing Guide

This resource includes guidance for various agreements, including: aircraft support services, dry leases, joint ownership and time sharing.

By the Numbers: Top Types of Aviation Cyberattacks 2020-2022

Successful and significant cyberattacks specifically targeting the aviation industry occur at least once per week. Leading weapons of choice in these attacks include ransomware, data breaches, phishing and distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Ransomware: 22% Data Breaches: 18.6% Phishing: 15.3% Distributed denial-of-service attacks: 7.3%


Nov/Dec 2023

Resources: 2023 NBAA-BACE

NBAA’s annual convention offers attendees an opportunity to immerse themselves in all things business aviation.
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Sept/Oct 2023

Resources: Management

These valuable NBAA tools and guidelines are designed to enhance and improve your business aviation management skills.
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May/June 2023

Resources: Safety

NBAA offers valuable guidance on several safety-related topics including inflight safety, hangar and ground safety, small-flight operators, single-pilot operations and the association’s Safety Manager Certificate Program.
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March/April 2023

Resources: International Operations

NBAA offers updated guidance and resources critical to effective international operations regarding ever-changing topics such as customs checklists, safety inspections, oceanic flight and security risk assessments.
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