In 2005, NBAA and its Members created five Strategic Focus Teams (SFTs) to boost the efficiency and impact of NBAA’s Standing Committees while at the same time opening new and clearer communication channels with the Board of Directors. The SFTs are populated by NBAA Standing Committee members.

Safety & Technical Standards Strategic Focus Team

The Safety & Technical Standards SFT combines the wealth of knowledge and disciplines found within NBAA’s Safety, Maintenance and Technical Committees.

Security Strategic Focus Team

The Security SFT is made up of the nearly two-dozen members of NBAA’s Security Council. Those members represent a wide swath of the aviation industry, including flight departments, airports, fixed base operators and consultants.

Operational Excellence Strategic Focus Team

The Operational Excellence SFT focuses on developing operational guidance and best practices for operators, and works to ensure the regulatory environment is appropriate for all types of NBAA Members. This SFT comprises the Domestic Operations, International Operations and Tax Committees, as well as other work groups.

Access Strategic Focus Team

Composed of NBAA’s Access Committee, the Access SFT continually works to preserve airport and airspace access for everyone who relies on business aviation.

Professional Development Strategic Focus Team

Composed of the Corporate Aviation Management, Flight Attendants and Schedulers & Dispatchers Committees, NBAA’s Professional Development SFT works to support initiatives that help business aviation professionals ascend in their careers.

Local and Regional Group Strategic Focus Team

Formed in August 2014, the Local and Regional Group Strategic Focus Team supports the volunteer efforts of the many local and regional business aviation groups as they advocate for business aviation across the country.