Building on the Project Bootstrap program, the NBAA Maintenance Committee has developed NextTech for NextGen, an industry-wide initiative to promote sweeping change in the aviation maintenance profession.

In the face of ongoing modernization of aircraft navigation, communications and surveillance equipment, maintenance technicians will need to be able to certify NextGen aircraft as both airworthy and fit for the mission.
NextTech will:

  • Create a new industry standard for those in the aviation maintenance profession
  • Ensure relevant educational and training standards are in place to develop a qualified workforce
  • Engage regulatory authorities to amend outdated regulations
  • Promote business aviation maintenance to the next generation

The NextTech for NextGen white paper (PDF) provides additional information about the background of the initiative.

ASTM International Standards Initiative

As a result of the NBAA Maintenance Committee’s petition, standards developer ASTM International has formed committee F46. Composed of industry stakeholders from around the globe, including NBAA Maintenance Committee members and other representatives of NBAA Member Companies, F46 is working to develop new standards for the training and certification of aviation maintenance professionals that are in line with modern industry needs.
The ASTM credential will provide:

  • Evolutionary growth of the maintenance profession
  • Added value to the aviation business bottom line
  • Increased performance in safety and quality
  • Career direction and expansion
  • Increased professionalism


Project Bootstrap

Project Bootstrap was a proposed aviation maintenance technician certification program developed by the NBAA Maintenance Committee’s Training/Advanced Education Subcommittee in collaboration with strategic partners throughout the aviation industry. The goal of Project Bootstrap, which has been carried over into the NextTech for NextGen initative, was to raise the educational and professional bar for aviation technicians through the creation of a new and higher certified category.