January 25, 2013

A Texas legislator has announced the creation of the Texas General Aviation (GA) Caucus, to promote the role of general aviation in the nation’s second-most populous state.

In announcing the caucus before the state legislature on Jan. 15, Rep. John Kuempel (R-Seguin) noted the caucus provides a means to address the importance of general aviation’s presence in Texas.

“I am looking forward to providing members of the Texas legislature with an opportunity to learn more about the economic impact that general aviation has on their local communities, and exposing them to aviation issues in the districts, of which they may not have been aware,” Kuempel said.

The Texas General Aviation Caucus is the latest acknowledgement of the industry’s importance at the state level, and the announcement follows the creation of similar bipartisan legislative GA caucuses the U.S. House and Senate, as well as in six other states, including New Hampshire, Michigan, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Ohio.

While these caucuses address matters affecting all of general aviation, they are particularly important for business aviation, noted Steve Hadley, NBAA regional programs director and Southwest regional representative.

“This announcement marks the beginning of an awareness by legislatures of the importance of business aviation to a state’s economy, and to constituents,” he said. “We look forward to being able to educate legislators about the value of business aviation in the coming years.”

The first meeting of the Texas GA Caucus, which will be chaired by Rep. Kuempel, is scheduled to take place in early February.