Feb. 20, 2020

The FAA will discontinue publication of the notices of airmen publication (NTAP) effective June 18, with the final NTAP published on May 21. The decommissioning is part of the overall notices to airmen (NOTAM) modernization effort.

“The decision to decommission the NTAP is part of the collaboration with the Aeronautical Information System (AIS) Reform Coalition,” said Heidi Williams, NBAA’s director of air traffic services and infrastructure and business aviation’s representative on the AIS Reform Coalition. “NBAA has been involved throughout the process to ensure information that is currently part of the NTAP migrates to sources where it can be more effectively used by pilots and aircraft operators.”

Williams emphasized no information currently contained in the NTAP will be lost; rather, the information will be more easily accessed and parsed in the new digital format.

Information from the international and graphic notices sections of the NTAP will transferred to new websites:

The NTAP has undergone a number of revisions in the past year, including removal of FDC NOTAMs, Part 95 revisions and certain special temporary flight restrictions/prohibited areas information.

These changes are made only if the FAA determines no safety risk is created by the revisions.