Nov. 18, 2013

U.K.-based Shanwick Oceanic Control as published technical guidance for North Atlantic Oceanic Airspace (NAT) flight operations called “Trackwise.”

The hour-long video provides a good overview of the requirements and procedures for operation, not only within the Organized Track System (OTS), but more widely within the minimum navigation performance specification airspace that is found over the Atlantic from roughly 23˚N to the North Pole.

The video highlights the daily flow of eastbound and westbound traffic over the NAT, explains how and why the OTS is designed on a daily basis and explores ATC procedures in depth by following the control of an actual westbound flight.

Additional information on pilot procedures may be found at the International Virtual Aviation Organization (IVAO) Gander / Shanwick Oceanic website.

Note: Although these guidance materials are informative, none of the above should be considered a replacement for an international procedures course available from training organizations found in NBAA’s Member Directory (Member log-in required).