Jan. 8, 2016

The FAA recently issued a final rule to correct a mistake that affected Part 135, on-demand charter operators who voluntarily complied with the training requirements outlined under Part 121.

The rule, originally published in July 2013, required operators who voluntarily complied with training and qualification regulations in Part 121 to also require second-in-command (SIC) pilots to have an airline transport pilot (ATP) certificate.

“This correction makes it easier for operators to raise the safety bar by voluntarily complying with the more rigorous training requirements of part 121, yet removes the increased stringency of mandating SICs hold an ATP,” said Brian Koester, NBAA’s manager, operations.

The technical amendment, published Jan. 4, amends 121.431 and 135.3 to ensure operators continue operating safely and efficiently. It also contained three minor corrections to Part 61 affecting ATP training and testing.

Read the final rule in its entirety. (PDF)