Nov. 15, 2018

NBAA “strongly supports” a proposed advisory circular (AC) providing guidance for Part 135 operators to utilize standardized curricula at Part 142 training centers, intended to improve training standards for business aviation operators and reduce burdensome timeframes for approval of aircraft- and mission-specific training programs.

The FAA issued Draft Advisory Circular 142-SCC following recommendations from the Air Carrier/Contract Training Work Group to the FAA Air Carrier Training Aviation Rulemaking Committee. NBAA participated in the working group with the National Air Transportation Association and representatives from on-demand air carriers and industry training providers.

“NBAA has worked diligently for more than five years to help facilitate improved training standards for charter operators,” said Brian Koester, NBAA senior manager for flight operations and regulation. “Our members asked for such guidance on this issue, and we’re pleased to see this process move forward.”

In comments submitted Nov. 13 to the FAA, the association stated the proposed AC would “enhance training and checking, leverage data and expertise, streamline training program approvals [and] reduce administrative burdens.” NBAA also expressed appreciation for the agency’s support for the recommendations that would “provide relief to industry, both operators and training centers, who is frustrated with the current timeline and process for getting training programs approved.

“NBAA views this draft Advisory Circular as a logical extension of the work the FAA has been doing to further streamline processes and increase standardization while maintaining the highest levels of safety,” the comments continued. “By standardizing curricula across aircraft types, small Part 135 operators will be able to improve training programs through the use of data that would otherwise be unattainable.”

However, NBAA also recommended that the agency add language to the final advisory circular clarifying its guidance represents “one option, but not the only option” for Part 135 operators unable to utilize the standardized curriculum, or that wish to pursue other training paths.

“Not all operators will be suited to use this new training program due to unique missions or aircraft configurations and appreciates that other options are available,” NBAA stated. The FAA will now review all submitted comments prior to issuing the final AC.

View NBAA’s comments on Draft AC 142-SCC. (PDF)