Aug. 23, 2023

To better understand the needs of Part 135 operations, NBAA’s Part 135 Subcommittee emailed a 10-question survey to all Part 135 operating members.

The survey results will guide the association’s efforts in four areas: identifying the key challenges Part 135 operators face, developing resources and programs tailored to meet those challenges, enhancing safety and operational practices within the industry and fostering a collaborative network for sharing best practices.

Essentially, the survey is the first step in a quality assurance effort that gathers member input the subcommittee will use to refine, improve and/or create resources that enhance the future of Part 135 operations, said subcommittee Co-Chair Capt. Ben van Niekerk.

All survey responses will remain confidential and will be analyzed in aggregate to ensure anonymity. When this analysis is complete, van Niekerk said, NBAA will report the results to the respondents and membership as a whole.

The survey takes about five minutes to complete, and participants are encouraged to take part in a timely manner.

Review the Part 135 survey.