Nov. 27, 2023

NBAA members can now access the 2023 Small Operator Symposium in a newly released recording of the popular half-day event held this year in Las Vegas, NV, in conjunction with the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE).

The symposium, now in its sixth year, is designed exclusively for small flight departments with up to two aircraft to equip them with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of managing aviation departments efficiently and safely. This year’s event featured leading safety experts in compelling and informative sessions focused on runway excursions and effective leadership strategies tailored to the unique challenges of running a small flight department.

“The Small Operator Symposium has become an essential resource for our members who operate small flight departments by empowering them to optimize their operations and uphold the highest standards of safety,” said Noah Yarborough, NBAA manager flight operations. “Now, with these recordings, our members can access captivating presentations on runway excursions and department leadership when it is convenient for them.”

In “How Can Small Flight Departments Cultivate Effective Leadership?” noted industry expert and educator Dr. Mark Lusnar, who serves as senior vice president of organization development at Solairus Aviation, guides NBAA members through techniques in communications, decision-making, resource management and team building that will heighten the effectiveness of their operations.

Real-world case studies also provide viewers with valuable insights into best practices from peers who manage small flight departments.

The 2023 Small Operator Symposium also features a detailed presentation by Scott Birdsall, chief pilot of Lionheart Holdings, on implementing a “Dynamic Approach Gate (DAG)” philosophy into flight operations and the benefits of stabilized approaches. During the session, NBAA members will discover how DAG changes for different approach types and airports and how its implementation improves decision-making and impacts safety by mitigating runway overrun chances.

“The guiding principle for NBAA’s Small Operator Symposium is to create and nurture an environment for continuous growth. The recordings of the 2023 event, and as well as previous symposiums, embraces that intent by providing all our members access to compelling sessions that will be vital tools for learning and guidance for years to come,” said Yarborough.