October 4, 2013

Doug Carr, NBAA’s vice president of safety, security, operations & regulation, represented NBAA Oct. 4 at the Colorado Aviation Business Association’s (CABA) Annual Fall Industry Training Event at Metropolitan State University in Denver, CO.

Carr introduced attendees to the NBAA Safety Committee Top 10 Safety Focus Areas, which the NBAA Safety Committee created to identify areas in need of additional attention from the business aviation community. The Top 10 Safety Focus Areas are: professionalism, safety culture, airmanship skills, light business airplane safety, talent pipeline, impact of technology, public policy, airport safety, fatigue and task saturation.

Carr focused his presentation on how business aircraft operators can increase the safety in their own flight departments or charter companies by looking at how professionalism, safety culture and fatigue impact their operations.

“NBAA views local and regional organizations like CABA as critical to our safety efforts. Events like the CABA Annual Fall Industry Training Event provide the Association opportunities to interact with NBAA Members, which helps ensure NBAA remains focused on issues that reflect the needs of business aviation,” said Carr.

Other training sessions at the event, which is offered at a low cost to aviation professionals and area students, included “iPads in the Cockpit,” “Employment Law Issues,” “Audit Prep and Technology in Aviation” and “WAAS Approaches and Takeoff/Landing Performance.”

“Like most other local and regional aviation organizations, CABA is run by volunteer ‘staff.’ The effort and resources put into organizing an event like this one indicates the level of dedication the organization has to improving safety and continued learning in the business aviation industry,” said Carr.