April 7, 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has forced business aviation support providers across the country to drastically alter their operations in the face of an uncertain future. However, the situation has also demonstrated the industry’s charitable spirit during this international emergency.

As one example, Universal Weather and Aviation recently announced it will donate its flight planning services for humanitarian medical supply missions during the COVID-19 crisis. The company says it will waive its fees for mission-feasibility assessments and consultation services for any flight classified as a humanitarian medical supply flight, as well as for direct ground handling setup.

“We are in an unprecedented and trying time for our industry and the world,” said Universal Weather Chairman Greg Evans. “Business aviation missions are still flying and are now more critical than ever as we battle the global coronavirus pandemic.”

Evans emphasized that Universal Trip Support team members have continued to support such missions, working to route flights safely through ever-changing domestic and international restrictions and local quarantines.

“Now is the time for business aviation to come together and support each other,” he added. “Not just for our industry, but for the people that fight this pandemic and those in need. These missions are saving lives.”

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