July 28, 2020

NetJets recently announced increased flight activity as business aviation recovers from the COVID crisis, adding the company will reinstate some of its European fleet previously slated for disposal.

In a statement, NetJets announced plans to retain part of the European fleet planned for disposal and add 60 additional aircraft to the Worldwide fleet between now and the end of 2021. The company will also offer to reinstate all European crew members furloughed in April.

“[Business] aviation fared much better and has rebounded faster, though it is not yet back to pre-pandemic levels. It too has seen many casualties, along with significant government intervention,” said Patrick Gallagher, president of sales, marketing and service.

“To proactively manage our fleet size, we reduced the number of scheduled aircraft purchases and accelerated our fleet rejuvenation process in Europe by disposing of a portion of that fleet,” he added. “These decisions were made amid unparalleled economic uncertainty, when it was unclear how long the period of restricted international flying would last and how the pandemic would impact the broader economy.”

NetJets also reported a strong increase in new owners and, in some markets, days of flight activity within 20% of pre-COVID levels.