Nov. 16, 2016

The NTSB’s 2017-18 “Most Wanted” safety improvements list features 10 transportation-related priorities, including several that align with key risks identified by NBAA and other general aviation stakeholders.

The list includes one item – loss of control in-flight (LOC-I) – dedicated specifically to general aviation. LOC-I is both on NBAA’s list of Top Safety Focus Areas, and a top priority for General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GA-JSC), which NBAA participates in as an industry member.

About half of all general aviation accidents are caused by LOC-I, NTSB said. “To prevent unintended departures from flight and better manage stalls, pilots need more training and a better awareness of the technologies that can help prevent these tragedies,” the board added.

Work by the GA-JSC is helping, said NBAA Vice President of Regulatory and International Affairs Doug Carr.

“The GA-JSC recommendations to improve LOC-I have made their way into real product enhancements, such as angle-of-attack indicators, providing lower cost safety enhancing equipment to operators,” Carr said. “We believe the GA-JSC’s efforts are providing measurable benefits to the general aviation community.”

Reducing fatigue-related accidents, requiring medical fitness for duty and ending substance impairment in transportation are also on the NTSB list, as well as concerns shared by NBAA’s Safety Committee. View NBAA’s Top Safety Focus Areas.

The NTSB also announced plans to shift to a two-year update cycle for its most-wanted list. While the list isn’t expected to change during each 24-month period, the board plans to review progress at the one-year mark and decide what additional improvements are needed.

“Improvements in safety often span more time than the convenience of a calendar year,” Carr said. “The board’s two-year view of safety priorities reflects the realities of a longer, strategic view of addressing these challenges.”

View a video about NTSB’s 2017-18 Most Wanted.