March 1, 2021

The new Designated Pilot Examiners Model Code of Conduct, recently published by the Aviators Code Initiative (ACI), aims to elevate professionalism among Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs).

“The DPE Model Code of Conduct is a great tool for creating standardization among DPEs,” said W. Ashley Smith, president and director of operations of Jet Logistics and NBAA’s Domestic Operations Committee liaison for the code. “This code can help level the playing field of fairness and equality across DPEs.”

Smith is currently pursuing DPE authorization himself, allowing him to provide unique perspective to the Code.

Smith said this initiative fits well with the NBAA Business Aviation Management Committee’s work to promote professionalism and ethical conduct and is another example of how industry is looking for ways to elevate professionalism through formal codes of conduct. Learn more about professionalism in business aviation.

The DPE Model Code of Conduct also is timely as the International Organization of Women Pilots recently announced it is collecting information regarding inappropriate or unfair treatment from DPEs.

The DPE Model Code of Conduct is the latest in a series of model Codes of Conduct developed by ACI.

“The DPE Model Code of Conduct is part of a broader project that has been focused for more than 17 years on advancing professionalism in general aviation with the expectation of improving safety,” said Michael Baum, a member of ACI’s Permanent Editorial Board. Other ACI codes address pilots, flight instructors, aviation mechanics, and unmanned aircraft system operators.

The codes are developed in a collaborative process with diverse aviation professionals, and extensive peer-review, which Baum said allows the overall initiative to incorporate share lessons learned. View the Codes of Conduct.