Podcast: Proactive Steps to Help Prevent Runway Excursions

April 29, 2024

Runway excursions are the leading cause of accidents in turbine business aircraft operations. NBAA’s Domestic Operations Committee (DOC) recently updated the association’s safety resource, “Reducing Runway Excursions in Business Aviation,” with additional tips for operators to avoid these destructive and sometimes fatal events. “Operators should have standard operating procedures that are already fleshed out and published for all of their flight crews,” recommends past DOC Chair Eric Canup. “That way, when situations arise that might be on the edge of, ‘should we or shouldn’t we,’ it’s already spelled out in your SOPs.”

In this episode of NBAA’s “Flight Plan,” host Rob Finfrock speaks with:
  • Eric Canup, head of flight operations at Live Oak Bank and past chair of the NBAA Domestic Operations Committee
  • Marty Plumleigh, leader of the NBAA Safety Committee’s Runway Safety Working Group

Podcast Episode

May 20, 2024

Podcast: Using Standardized Performance Metrics to Enhance the Charter Industry, Part 2

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Podcast: Using Standardized Performance Metrics to Enhance the Charter Industry, Part 1

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May 9, 2024

New SMS Mandate in Focus at Business Aviation Safety Symposium

The FAA’s new mandate for safety management systems, which was in focus at the Flight Safety Foundation’s Business Aviation Safety Symposium, expands the existing Part 5 SMS requirements to apply to all Part 135 operators, certain Part 21 certificate holders and §91.147 air tour operators.
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May/June 2024

Experts Share Tips on Mitigating Flight Crew Fatigue

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