August 24, 2016

Kelly Straley

Ever since winning a NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers (S&D) Scholarship, Kelly Straley is excited about the increased role she has played in her flight department’s day-to-day procedures. “It’s been exhilarating and so, so gratifying to know my perspective and thoughts matter,” she said. “I’m able to not only follow along in conversations regarding routine maintenance and weather, but I’m able to participate!”

A Charter Coordinator and FAA-certified dispatcher for AirSF Flight Services since December 2012, Straley used her scholarship to complete the FlightSafety Corporate Scheduler Initial Training in May 2014.

Straley’s weeklong training at FlightSafety increased her knowledge about scheduling and managing their fleet and anticipating and troubleshooting problems, such as weather, for upcoming trips. It also improved her confidence in giving pilots suggestions for planning and routing.

“I’m able to provide an additional set of eyes on any given situation, which as we all know can never hurt!” she said.

Straley urges potential future applicants to take advantage of the opportunity. “Don’t hesitate!” she said. “Be persistent.” She added that the application process was a great experience.

Straley is currently enjoying scheduling and dispatching for a company that continually values and challenges her. With the completion of this training and her recent FAA dispatcher course, she’s looking ahead at what’s next and considering flying lessons and getting more involved with a regional group and/or industry committee to expand her network.