Updated April 5, 2017

To receive eligibility to operate under the DASSP, aircraft operators must contact TSA and request access to the program. TSA will verify that the applicant is a valid operator and then provide an on disclosure agreement that the operator must sign, as the DASSP contains sensitive security information (SSI) that must be protected in accordance with TSA’s SSI regulation at 49 CFR Part 1520.

Once the operator implements the requirements of the DASSP, they must notify TSA. Agency representatives will then inspect the aircraft operator to ensure that the program requirements have been properly implemented.

Upon a satisfactory inspection, the operator will be eligible to apply to TSA for approval to operate flights into and out of DCA in accordance with the requirements in the interim final rule.

Contact TSA to request access to the DASSP

See: TSA’s General Aviation page, and select the DCA Access Standard Security Program tab.

Email: dassp@tsa.dhs.gov
Phone: 571-227-1108