April 21, 2021

NBAA’s Tax Committee has developed a members-only resource that provides insight and guidance on the Canadian Aircraft Registry.

The new resource is part of an ongoing effort by the committee to inform and educate NBAA members and the broader business aviation community on critical policies that impact the ownership and operation of business aircraft.

View the NBAA members-only resource: Canadian Aircraft Registry.

“The nuances of Canadian regulation sometimes contrast with established practices in other countries, notably the U.S., so we have created this resource to guide NBAA members through the general processes of the Canadian Aircraft Registry,” said Scott O’Brien, NBAA senior director, public policy and advocacy.
Operated by Transport Canada, the Canadian Aircraft Registry uses an operator-based approach to registration, rather than an owner-based system like that maintained by the FAA. This means that the person or entity with complete responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the aircraft, rather than the holder of legal title, must register with Transport Canada.

This distinct difference from owner-based registries has broad implications for many aspects of aircraft ownership and operation, including ownership by foreign nations, the custody and control by a maintenance company, and sales and leaseback transaction, all of which is explained in detail in the resource.

It also features information on the public disclosure of data held by the Canadian Aircraft Registry, which includes the aircraft’s registration mark, common name, model name, serial number, registered owner, and date of registration. However, the registry does not provide information on the legal owner of the aircraft, or the existence of any liens.

“Our new resource provides NBAA members a clear appreciation for the complexities of the Canadian Aircraft Registry,” added O’Brien.