June 8, 2015

Flight attendants and flight technicians often struggle with identifying their role in the flight department and demonstrating leadership without any formal authority.

“The challenging news is that change is coming to our industry,” said Bob Hobbi, president and CEO of ServiceElements International, Inc., an organizational development company. “The good news is if a flight attendant or flight technician can adjust their capabilities, they can become an incredibly important component of flight operations in business aviation and turn those challenges into opportunities.”

Hobbi said flight attendants and other cabin personnel could play a greater role in the overall value proposition of the aircraft. For example, he often suggests flight attendants and flight technicians explore ideas that may not be traditional, but that could open opportunities. Hobbi also urges cabin personnel to increase their knowledge of the flight environment in order to demonstrate leadership in a position that often does not carry much authority.

“Flight attendants and cabin personnel can become leaders by expanding their skill sets. The more capability you have and the more diverse your skill set, the more authority you earn,” said Hobbi. “Being exceptional means you become indispensable.”

Hobbi will discuss these issues during a session titled, “The Serving Heart Culture” at 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, July 1 at the NBAA 2015 Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Conference (FAFT2015). This session promises to guide flight attendants and flight technicians in developing an exceptional service culture and taking a leadership role in their flight department. It will be an interactive discussion exploring the service values important to business aviation and providing valuable insight into developing a culture appropriate to a service-focused environment.