Feb. 20, 2024

NBAA has released its 2024 Small Flight Department survey to better understand the challenges and needs of this critical part of the business aviation community.

The short, two-minute survey, developed by the NBAA Small Flight Department Subcommittee, is open to everyone currently working for a small operator, and results will be published in the coming months.

“NBAA is committed to the success and growth of small flight departments, and this survey is the latest measure we’ve taken to gain better insight into the issues that most concern this community,” said Noah Yarborough, NBAA manager, flight operations. “Much has changed in our industry since we surveyed small operators in 2016, and this fresh perspective will guide how we help and support small flight departments as the business aviation industry continues to grow.

“We urge every small operator and every employee, not just those who are NBAA members, to participate so that we can identify and prioritize the issues affecting small flight departments today and work together to create the right solutions,” Yarborough added.

The 2024 survey was developed by the new co-chairs of NBAA’s Small Flight Department Subcommittee – KK Harvey and John Foster – who have more than 40 years of combined experience working in small flight departments.

“We understand the realities that a small operator must contend with. When we last conducted this survey, small operators were primarily concerned with budgeting and compliance,” explained Harvey, who is director of operations for Lionheart Holdings. “These are still important aspects of any operation, but today we have to manage the added complexities of an industry reshaped by a global pandemic, a disrupted supply chain and staffing constraints.

“We’ve designed this survey to give us the deeper insight NBAA needs to make sure we can provide small operators the tools they need to navigate this new world,” Harvey added.

This survey also is an opportunity for small flight departments to build new partnerships, said Foster.

“Sometimes, small operators can feel like they’re operating on an island. One day, you are a pilot, and the next, you are creating letters of authorization and possibly overseeing a safety management system on your own,” said Foster. “This survey will allow NBAA to refine our resources to guide and support small flight departments and create a welcoming environment where they can connect with other operators.”

NBAA will make the results of its 2024 Small Flight Department survey publicly available.

“Small operators are the lifeblood of our industry, and supporting this community is a commitment shared by the entire business aviation community,” said Yarborough “We look forward to sharing our insights with the industry and working with partners new and old to ensure a vibrant and successful future for all of us.”