March 2, 2016

With local and regional business aviation groups increasingly at the forefront of efforts to oppose plans to privatize the ATC system, it’s important for organization leaders to know the best way to make their voices heard.

On May 18, leaders of these local and regional groups will meet in Boston, MA at the NBAA Leadership Roundtable, where they will hone their abilities as grassroots aviation advocates through a series of sessions designed to teach them how to deliver maximum-impact information to achieve legislative goals.

“We want to highlight NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen’s Call to Action regarding privatization and user fees, the response to that call to action and the consequences if we fail to act,” said NBAA Local and Regional Group Committee Chairman Don Hitch.

Initial plans for the event call for roundtable attendees to attend an “On the Hill Day” sponsored by the Massachusetts Airport Management Association in conjunction with the roundtable. Local and regional leaders will make a trip to the Massachusetts’ General Court (state legislature), where they will witness effective strategies in action for advocacy at the state level.

On the following day, during the roundtable event, Jeff DeCarlo, administrator of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Aeronautics Division, will address business group leaders and will take part in break-out sessions on advocacy.

“Already, regional groups in Minnesota, Alabama and Michigan, among others, have gotten their members together with congressional representatives to talk about ATC privatization and user fees,” noted Steve Hadley, NBAA’s director of regional programs. “Some have even sent delegations to Washington, DC. These regional leaders will work with their peers from other states at the roundtable to share best practices on how they can coordinate advocacy efforts.”

Other topics covered during the one-day NBAA Leadership Roundtable include the development of internships and career programs that would facilitate hands-on learning opportunities for students who want to work in business aviation, and the establishment of tax-exempt status for aviation groups. Leaders also will share best practices on fundraising techniques to help offset the costs of staging safety events and programs designed to inform both the public and opinion leaders about the benefits of business aviation.

For more information, or to register for the 2016 NBAA Leadership Roundtable, contact NBAA Regional Program Director Steve Hadley at