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Resources: International Operations

Whether you’re an experienced international operator or are traveling overseas for the first time, anyone flying outside the U.S. should review NBAA’s international operations web page for resources and news, especially in light of ever-changing pandemic-related requirements and restrictions.

Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft

U.S.-registered business aircraft flying in Europe are subject to Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) ramp inspections when operating in European Union member states. To ensure a successful ramp inspection, NBAA recommends operators review the rules and procedures regarding SAFA compliance.

Customs Checklist

NBAA’s Domestic Operations Committee created this resource to help operators simplify the customs process. NBAA’s Customs Checklists provides a guide for inbound and outbound flights, as well as a list of considerations for customs and international operations.

Oceanic Flight Information

Review NBAA’s resources for conducting flight operations in oceanic airspace, including the FAA’s most recent quarterly guidance for operating in the North Atlantic, West Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, and Pacific.

Overseas Ground Transportation Tips

Ensuring the safety of passengers and crews doesn’t end when an aircraft reaches its destination airport. Their safety must be assured throughout the entire international trip. Read NBAA’s tips on how to secure safe ground transportation at destinations worldwide.

73% increase in business aircraft IFR flights to Europe, year-over-year in January 2022.

Source: Argus International’s January 2022 Aircraft Activity Report

By the Numbers: Used Aircraft Sales, 2021 vs. 2020

Last year was an unprecedented period for sales of previously owned business aircraft, as roughly double the number of aircraft transactions took place in 2021, compared to an average year. Airplane dealers accredited by the International Aircraft Dealers Association closed 20% more deals in 2021 than the year before: 1,372 recorded aircraft transactions, compared to 1,135 in 2020.

By the Numbers: Used Aircraft Sales, 2021 vs. 2020

NBAA Federal Excise Taxes Guide

Updated in January to reflect the tax rates for calendar year 2022, the NBAA Federal Excise Taxes Guide provides the latest information on how federal excise taxes apply to business aircraft activity.

Departure/Arrival Runway Safety Briefing Card

This checklist-style resource is designed to help operators avoid runway excursions.

March/April 2024

Resources: International Operations

For those who fly globally for business, NBAA offers resources and news, including updates on ever-changing requirements and more. Get information about customs checklists, inspection procedures in Europe, oceanic flights and security risk assessments.
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Jan/Feb 2024

Resources: Workforce Development

NBAA has numerous resources and programs to help industry professionals meet current and future workforce challenges.
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Nov/Dec 2023

Resources: 2023 NBAA-BACE

NBAA’s annual convention offers attendees an opportunity to immerse themselves in all things business aviation.
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Sept/Oct 2023

Resources: Management

These valuable NBAA tools and guidelines are designed to enhance and improve your business aviation management skills.
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