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Resources: Safety

NBAA’s mission is to foster an environment that enables business aviation to thrive, and making safety a core value is key to achieving that goal. The association offers numerous resources for all types of operators.

Inflight Safety

Access NBAA resources supporting safe operation of business aircraft while in flight, including loss-of-control, laser strikes, wildlife strike response and more.

Hangar and Ground Safety

This resource has information on aircraft ground-damage prevention, the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handlers, OSHA compliance and fuel contamination.

Small Flight Operators Safety Guide

This resource serves as a roadmap for smaller flight operations to begin taking steps toward constantly and consistently improving and maintaining safety.

Safety Manager Certificate Program

This assessment-based certificate program provides introductory-level training on safety in business aviation operations.

Single-Pilot Operations

Operating as the only pilot aboard a complex aircraft in today’s busy ATC environment demands a variety of skills. These resources serve as an introduction to valuable information for single-pilot operations.

18 = U.S. runway incursions in 2022 in which a “collision was narrowly avoided” or there was a “significant potential for collision” Source: FAA


Get answers to the most common questions about the FAA’s proposal for rulemaking that would require all Part 135 certificate holders, Part 91.147 air tour operators and certain others to implement a Safety Management System.

Standard Industry Fare Level Rates

Review new SIFL rates and members-only Personal Use Calculator for the first half of 2023.

By the Numbers: Global Business Jet/Turboprop Fatalities

Fewer people died in business jet accidents in 2022 than the previous year, according to reports compiled from official sources, while annual fatalities in business turboprop accidents remained unchanged.

2021 Fatalities 24 Jets + 63 Turboprops = 87 Total 2022 Fatalities 14 Jets + 63 Turboprops = 77 Total

FAA Issues Aviation Safety Call to Action

A week after holding a rare Safety Summit, the FAA issued a Safety Alert for Operators (SAFO) on March 22 as an apparent response to a recent spate of serious runway incursions.

FAAFAA SAFO No. 23002 urges pilots and flight attendants to share a mutual understanding of what defines a sterile flight deck and “the risks associated with extraneous communications during this time.” Flight crews are also asked to be aware of “the aircraft in relation to taxiways, runways and other aircraft.”

The document encourages pilots to review previous SAFOs related to collision risk during runway crossings, runway incursion prevention actions, as well as flight crew techniques and procedures to enhance safe airfield movements. It also reminds crews to utilize voluntary programs for reporting any safety concerns.

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