Feb. 1, 2023

To My Fellow CAMs,

As the newly elected chair of the CAM Governing Board, it is with great pleasure that I can report to you that the state of the CAM program is strong. Many thanks to Jamie Stember, our past chair, for his leadership in not only navigating the CAM program through the COVID era, but for accelerating its growth. The program will soon be able to announce the 800th member of the CAM family. This number was unthinkable when I achieved my CAM just seven short years ago. Programs such as Six Months to CAM have been vital for potential CAMs to help themselves prepare for the exam.

I would like to highlight a few key initiatives for the CAM program that began in 2022:

  • The CAM program began the renewal of NCCA accreditation, which must be renewed every five years. The accreditation process commenced in Q1 2022 with completion slated for Q2 2023.
  • The job analysis, which is the foundation of the CAM program, has been revised. We would like to thank CAM Governing Board member Mike Nichols, CAM, who led this effort. We would also like to express our gratitude to the subject matter experts who came together to compile the new draft, and the industry for their validation during the survey. The job analysis will also be complete in 2023.
  • The CAM Rectification Award for Tenure (CRAFT) program was created to recognize and reward CAMs who have a consistent and unbroken rectification history.
  • The foundation was laid for issuing digital badges, which will allow current CAMs for display their credentials through LinkedIn, email signatures and other social media accounts.

I would personally like to thank all who have served on the CAM Governing Board. This volunteer group works tirelessly to continue to elevate the most sought-after credential in aviation.

Most importantly, thank you to all CAMs worldwide. You all have been shining examples of what it means to be a CAM. Your daily actions do as much for the value of the CAM as the testing process. I cannot think of a greater community to be associated with.

Finally, here’s a snapshot of the CAM program by the numbers:

  • 159 candidates examined in 2022
  • 94 new CAMs in 2022
  • 59% pass rate
  • 657 current certified CAMs

As great as 2022 was, we are anticipating an even better 2023. I hope to see you all at one of our item writing sessions or at one of the many NBAA events this year!

Matt Gray, CAM
Chair, CAM Governing Board